Terms of Service

1. Your Account

  • Account details MUST be correct, accurate and up-to-date, as required by law. We are legally required to cease provision of any services where account details are missing or false.
  • Only one clientarea/billing account is permitted per person. In order to register on our site, you are required to have a valid and unique email address.
  • When ordering a server, or any other service from Revivenode, you are only renting the server. All services remain the property of Revivenode.
  • If a customer is verbally abusing a staff member or showing other aggressive actions, the staff member may close the ticket or ban the user from the Discord server. Depending on the actions, services may also be terminated and access to purchasing from Revivenode in the future may be denied.

  • 2. Payments

  • We can not guarantee that all promotions and promo codes will remain operational at all times.
  • Invoices are generated days before the due date, and should be paid several days before the due date. Services renew on the due date, regardless of the payment date.
  • Failure to pay the active invoice your products will be suspended untilled payed, If the active invioce is not payed within 7 days your products will be terminated.


  • In order to cancel your services, you must issue a cancellation request within our billing area at https://revivenode.com/clientarea.php
  • You must manually cancel any active PayPal subscriptions that were created when ordering your service. We do not have access to deduct funds from your PayPal account, and will not be held responsible for automated payments made via a subscription
  • We recommend that you contact us before opening a PayPal dispute. Issues can often be resolved quickly, and a refund can be provided if you have probable cause. Should a PayPal dispute be opened, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your service without warning.
  • After a period of 24 hours all sales are final and there will be no refunds offered.
  • Opening a PayPal Dispute aginst us will resault in a account and service termination.
  • Chargebacks without first opening a ticket to request a refund will be denied.
  • 4. SUPPORT

  • We do not provide plugin support, or forge support. As there thousands of plugins and mods we can not learn each one for each minecraft version please contact the develpor for any issues.
  • Our Staff team will provide friendly and clam support, as of which if you are rude or agressive we have the right to close and not give support at all.